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Have you sent us money for a product via bank wire? Then please visit our new dedicated website for active orders HERE. If you do not have an active order with us this is the website to use.

1. Before submitting a ticket you need to register an account.

2. You will NOT receive a registration email, so keep your username and password safe!

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Can I buy products from mindovermatter.ru ?

Prices you find anywhere on our mindovermatter.ru domain that are below $600 are no longer available for sale. For products with correct prices that are currently available please visit below websites:


There might be products on our mindovermatter.ru domain that are priced at $600 and above that are still available. To find out if the product is still available and if the price is correct then please visit https://orderdelivery.zone/ and submit a ticket under the mindovermatter.ru department.
If you find a product with a price below $600 on any of the above mentioned websites it is not available.